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Month: August, 2012

Slow and Steady Completes the Race

Slow and steady completes the race. Or in my case, the upcoming Saturday morning run. The USA Women’s Half Marathon is looming on the horizon (Sept 22) and with all my good intentions, I probably won’t be close to ready. I have been running with girlfriends on the weekends up and down the coast and a couple times a week on my lunch breaks, but as of today, I still haven’t eeked out anything longer than 6 miles. And those 6-milers haven’t been pretty or easy. So tomorrow, I will be running 8 miles with these two of these three gorgeous girls! Note I said 2 of 3. All of them are way faster and more disciplined than me. But lately, pretty girl to the far left has been kicking it up a notch. Nothing’s more fun than huffing and gasping for breath, trudging out your miles than a cute, fit blonde girl w/a 6-pack running backwards cheering you on. Sorry Charlie, no way that’s happening tomorrow ♥ Renee and Kerri are no less dedicated, but for some reason, they can go slow enough and keep conversation flowing throughout the runs – Thanks heavens. Also featured below, Lissa. Oh thank heavens for you too my friend. Between the four of them I have a steady supply of loveliness accompanying me.

Run buddies & barflies – Mer, Ker, Kir & Renee

Kir & Liss

One of the things I love most about my collection of girlfriends is the fabulous perspective they bring to each day. For instance, as hard as some of them train, not one of them will pass up a cocktail post workout. You have to really admire this level of dedication and balance.

Somehow, I’ve managed to attract and keep these amazingly athletic girlfriends (Beth Walsh, Kristin Mayer, Rachel Ross) in my inner circle. I call them my superhuman beauties – they run like the wind, are naturally good at everything and still show up looking ridiculously pretty (yes, even after winning their races).

K & K

Good times – Kir, Ker, RR

RR, Rousy, Kir

Vintage – Beth & Kir (um, glasses?)

Podium girl – I knew you when (see pic above)

I don’t see Beth and Rach (always training plus one lives in Hawaii – selfish) as much as Kristin (I stalk her daily on my drive to work), but whenever we get together, it’s like a day hasn’t gone by. RR, what 1 to 2x a year max, but thanks to Pinterest, Facebooks and blogs, we’re up to date!

I’m honestly not sure why any of these girls hang out with me and my 10 minute mile on a good day, afraid of clipping into a bike, passable swimming self. It’s surely not for my training partner abilities. I secretly think they still hope I’ll go back to work for lululemon and give them inside scoops on upcoming product, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

So tonight will be a good test. One of my best friends (and SAM) is moving to LA this weekend. Yes, the cute blonde girl who runs backwards.

Backward Runner Girl w/Succulent

And we are all meeting up for a big send off and hurry back soiree. My strategy, stick to a beer, hydrate with soda water and lime and duck out the back door later when no one’s looking. I don’t think this is likely. But a girl’s gotta have a plan.

So cliffhanger…will I have self control? will tomorrow be a death march due to late night? will tomorrow be a death march due to lack of physical fitness (even with an early night)? Tune in tomorrow to see. Happy Friday!!!

You Animal

It’s been a wild & crazy night over here! I’m multi-tasking watching Downton Abbey, pulling inspiration pictures for this post and now writing. Ooh, with a quick break for Whopper flavor ice cream. I’m happy to be putting my photoshop skills to use. It still takes me forever, but I can’t tell you how much fun it is!

I found this amazing photo of a fuchsia tiger from one of my favorite blogs, They All Hate Us, and the rest was off and running. There are some amazing prints and textiles this season. And so much influence from animals, seascapes and prints. As much as I love summer, it is fun to daydream about boots, bags, scarves and getting dressed up. So here’s a bit of a teaser ♥

Prints, Patterns & Peacocks

Visual Loveliness


Sunset Flamingos

If you can read this…