30 Days…30 Blog Posts

by Kir

I find I’m a lot more likely to follow through on something if I a.) say it out loud preferably to at least three witnesses and b.) do it in a way that makes it hard to back out…

Going for an 11 mile run on a Sunday is a lot more feasible if I know I have a signed and paid for half marathon looming in the near future. Starting and maintaining a blog is a lot harder to dodge if I’ve told people I’m going to do it. 

Hence my first challenge on the blog front. I will commit to this blog. I promise to water it, nurture it, tell it it’s pretty and encourage it to thrive, flourish and become it’s own unique creation. I’ve done 30 day yoga challenges, a 30 day detox so I feel pretty good that I can complete 30 blog entries in 30 days. 

I gathered up my “manifestation tools” to keep me on track. It’s amazing how far away you can get from what you know works for you. I’m a big Law of Attraction girl. I know it works for me. Throw in some yoga and my favorite crystals and I’m a magnet for all good things. Looking back on the last 2-3 years of my life, I’m amazed how little yoga I’ve done, how negative thoughts have crept in to my daily routine and how my beautiful Chrysocolla, turquoise, sunstones and quartzes have been pushed to the side. 

In conjunction with my 30 days of postings, I am committing to Law of Attraction as well. I figure that’s a lot of posts so a lot of this attracting may be, “please, give me something to write about!!!”.