How Did I Live With Out You?

by Kir

Once in a blue moon something comes along that I truly fall head over heels in love with. When I find these somethings, I’m a faithful & loyal subject. And I believe in spreading the goodness… I’ll tell anyone and everyone why this special something is so great and how much it makes me happy.

Two of my biggest go-to skin products for the past 3 years are Lalicious Body Scrub and Body Oil. They are quite simply the best scrub and best body oil in the whole wide world that I’ve found to date!

I have dry skin and I’m in the sun a lot. (but I do try – see umbrella in back of photo) After a day at the beach, when skin feels a little tight and dry, I reach for my handy combo. The scrub is gentle, but gets the job done. A little oil post shower before the towel off and voila. It makes a world of difference. It doesn’t have any ingredients you can’t pronounce and it comes in a bunch of yummy flavors. My favorites are Tahitian Flower, Sugar Kiss and Coconut Cream (not pictured).

If you invite me to a baby shower or it’s your birthday, chances are you’re getting (or have gotten) this! ♥