Morning Manifestation Run

by Kir

This morning I had the luxury of heading out for a coast run before work. I met my girlfriend, Renee, after swigging a quick cup of coffee with Marty and Griffen.

Being tall with long legs would seem to lend itself to easy, graceful strides as I speed along like the athletes in the 1500. But alas no, not me. I’m a shuffler on my best day.  As a phenomenal local runner once told me, “Slow and steady completes the race”. And for me that’s good enough. Because I’m outdoors running along the water and it’s a good day.

So Renee and I head out, running and chattering away.  Five miles later, we’d come up with a plan for her love life, figured out how I’m going to line up 3 consulting contracts and committed to putting it all in writing to architect our lives. Oh and stuck our feet in the ocean post run. Not bad for under an hour.

I cannot adequately explain how amazing my group of girlfriends is and how much I adore them (And no, I’m not sucking up to the handful of you actually reading this post). These girls are talented, bright, successful and beautiful. And each of them has something completely unique they give to the world. I see some daily, some twice a year and some via Facebook/Twitter. But every one of them gives me these little sound bites that inspire me to go for it and not be a scared, little thing. Today, Renee gave me one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. So thanks ma’am and happy birthday eve!

Morning Run, so lucky!