In My Next Life, I’m Going to be a Roxy Girl

by Kir

Roxy is sunshine. She’s that bright, shiny blend of tomboy & pretty girl. Growing up, Roxy represented the effortless, subtle confidence of that girl who’s comfortable in her own skin.

I know I’ve long since aged-out of the Roxy demographic, but I don’t care.  I still wait for the ads, the look books and Roxy jam posters each season.  I close my eyes and I’m in a fabulous bikini, sand on my feet, hair naturally streaky from the sun climbing into my perfectly beat up jeep with a Baja blanket as a seat cover. My surfboard’s sticking out the back and my dog’s beside me. (Um yes, maybe I’ve given this just a little bit of thought…)

For me, Roxy will always be the best of summer. And the best of beautifully pure beach life. It transports me to an optimistic place where life is pretty simple. Sun + Beach + Dog + Jeep = Happiness. I’ll take it.

In my next life, I’m coming back as a Roxy girl!

The Perfection of Roxy