Homeward Bound

by Kir

I’ve lived in 10 states and 3 countries (US included), but whenever people ask me where I’m from, I still say Colorado. It’s where I spent my formative years. (I.e., college to my mid 20s)

My parents moved there right after I did and still live just outside of Boulder. So, lucky me, I still get to visit. My heart definitely belongs to the sea, but the mountains can borrow it every once in a while.

Mi Familia

So I’m off to Boulder to see my parents. I’m really lucky because I have the nicest, most fun, supportive and lovely people as my Mom and Dad. We all get along and we honestly like each other a lot. (Yes, a little annoying, I know)

It’s a quick trip, but it’ll involve some hiking, Rio margs (for anyone who’s ever been to Ft. Collins or Boulder, I know you’re jealous) and mountain sunsets. In my opinion, Colorado is at its best in the summertime. It’s hot, it stays light out forever and farm to table meals are a-plenty.

So away we go. Bring on the margs. Get ready Rio!

Happy Friday