Calling All Bootys

by Kir

Bless you if you are one of the chosen ones who can pull off the cheeky, shirred booty-baring bikini bottoms that have been haunting the stores for the past couple of seasons. There is no question they’re cute (oddly functional) and look hot on the right girl. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A

I will be the first in line to nod approval and say, “Wow, good for you”. There isn’t a hint of sour grapes in this post. But there is a HUGE margin of error with this style. So for those of us who are NOT a) Brazilian, b) 16-24 years old or c) Militant with our 30 hour a week surf/run/Pilates regimen..I have dedicated many hours this summer researching, trying on and collecting the most flattering bikini bottoms around.

The following are my trusty favorites that work on a lot of different body types. There is the side tie hipster, the surfing essential, the leather side detailing and the low straight hipster. I (quite thoughtfully) selected a few different price points. And in this late summer season, you should be able to snag some steals.

And The Award For Most Flattering Goes To…

1. Vix – Carol (on sale,, No one does it better for me! Great fit, doesn’t dig in on sides and lifts your booty ever so slightly.

2. Billabong – Sun Lover Volley. Best $39.50 you’ll spend! If I do venture out in a cheekier style, I can throw these on to paddle or walk anywhere.

3. Tallow – Tanzania Bikini. Swoon, one of my new favorite brands. Those Aussie girls get swimwear…

4., 7. Roxy – Essentials Surfer. I have 4 or 5 variations of this style. Low rise hipster. Super flattering and stays put paddling.

5. L Space – Super Fly Tie Side. Perfection! Low (but not too low) and straight across the front. The back is just the right amount of coverage.

6. Vix – Riviera (on sale, Again, Vix just does my body good. The back curves in just a tad and voila, instant lift.

8. Seafolly – Rio Shirred Side Hipster. If I’m feeling brave, this is about as cheeky as I’ll get. The perfect amount of scrunch and zero muffin top!

9. Roxy Moon Beach Bikini – Okay, I can’t pull these off, but I’ve heard good things about the fit on these. You can always pair w/#2…

Alright, that ought to do it!

Any I missed? If you have your favorites, PLEASE don’t be shy! Share the knowledge. We’re all in this together! ♥