Summer Living

by Kir

This is my happy time. Sun is shining. Days are long. Water is warm. I have seriously considered making the quest for the endless summer a full time occupation. That pesky making a living thing gets in the way. But I’m on a quest to figure that out too, so maybe there’s still a way to combine the two. Professional treasure hunter? Beach comber? Inspiration shopper for designers – i.e., pay me, I’ll go to exotic locales and come back with seasonal story lines, product names and photo shoot locations for you, I promise! The last one is quite promising…

In the meantime, back in the real world, I live in North County San Diego. And we are getting our money’s worth this summer. So it takes a lot of discipline to focus and get things done. I.e., nurturing, encouraging and developing my blog baby. I know I’m slacking a bit on quality blogging. But I also know I made a commitment not to over think or micro manage it. Over halfway to thirty entries. Despite my recent slacking, blog baby is starting to grow up a bit and develop it’s own personality. As pretty as sunset pictures are…They will only take this little one so far. So tomorrow, a little more effort. But for now, enjoy another beachy montage!

Mer & Luc, post work swim

Backyard Blue Sky

Cardiff Sunset