by Kir

If you’re lucky, you have a girlfriend or two who are like the sisters you never had or always wanted. A SAM  if you will (sister from another mother).

This is an ode to SAMs:

Sometimes SAMs do stupid things. They lose their tempers. They storm off in a huff. They hang up on each other. They forget their keys at the other SAMS house – All the time. They get jealous when their SAM always takes better pictures. They get annonyed when their SAM is wishy washy and doesn’t stand up for herself. And they get frustrated with their SAM’s decisions some times. SAMs don’t always take each other’s advice or do what the other SAM wishes. And that is so annoying.

Sometimes SAMs do amazing things. They take each other to Disneyland on their birthday. They assemble chicken and salad and call it cooking. They sit on the beach for hours and talk. They loan each other books. They cry together. They giggle and laugh and throw their heads back. They wear matching bracelets. They run each other up and down the coast. SAMs shop each other’s closets. They make mimosas, roses and sangria for each other. SAMs come to each other for advice. And SAMs have so much fun together.

So if you are lucky enough to have a SAM or two, it’s always a good idea to tell them you ♥ them. Call them, send them a dorky photo collage (see below) and let them know how special they are.

Happy Wednesday!

PS – for the record, my SAM always takes better pictures than me