Orchid Killer

by Kir

I can find all kinds of ways to procrastinate. Right now I should be conquering the first two chapters of Illustrator due on Sunday afternoon. But four pages in and I’m wondering what Clare Vivier has put up on Pinterest. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s actually Clare or one of her staff, but those pins are the best! So when things aren’t getting done around here, Clare, I blame you! Not to mention the financial setback from purchasing a clutch and a laptop sleeve. (Noticeably absent from yesterday’s Little Luxuries post – but they’re worth it!)

Clare Vivier ~ Pure Perfection!

But I digress…this post is actually about my orchids and my inability, until quite recently, to keep them alive. In my opinion, orchids are one of the most beautiful flowering plants around. No two look alike. The detail work in the petals, the color, the dots are all extraordinary to me. Which is why I get so sad when I kill them. For the record, I try really hard to love them, tend to them and make them thrive. And every single time, within a matter of months, they end up looking frail, withered and depressed. (See exhibit A) This poor thing was a birthday present from my sister-in-law back in March. By May it looked like this. It’s not her fault, she couldn’t have known about my history. Now fast forward to May and the beauty to the right arrived in the form of a Mother’s Day present. Same lovely sister-in-law (clearly hadn’t seen the first one) and was sweet enough to count me in for the Mother’s Day on the grounds that I’m a great Mom to Griffen (our dog).

The Evidence

Orchid 2 (exhibit B) is thriving! She’s vibrant and has only lost of couple of petals in three months. And do you want to know why? I decided to ignore her. Yup, I behaved like a bad boyfriend. I barely water her, never tell her she’s pretty or go out of my way to do anything even remotely nice to her. And the weird thing is…she likes it. I give her just enough attention to keep her alive and she actually ended up doing way better than Orchid 1. I gave Orchid 1 the sun, I moved her to beautiful places with lovely views, I whispered to her and told her she was gorgeous. Nope, she was having none of it.

So what’s my lesson here? Two things come to mind. One, a watched pot never boils. So stop looking at it! Stop overanalyzing and thinking of ways to fix something that may not be broken. Enough already, just let it do it’s thing and it will right itself naturally. And two, my method isn’t working, maybe it’s time to try something radically different. Instead of trying to do the right thing all the time, maybe it’s better to say ‘F’ it and do the opposite of what I would normally do. For example, normally, I’d go back and reread this, edit it, spell check it and make sure it wasn’t too much of a disconnected tangent. But not today! I’m going to ignore my baby blog’s grammatical needs. And hit Publish! And maybe my blog will turn out more like B than A. Let’s hope.

Happy Friday, time for a cocktail!!!