Moody Monday

by Kir

Today was just one of those days. Ugh, what a moody, cranky Monday. It started off just fine. Yummy coffee made by M just like every morning (gratitude for M!). Sun was shining on the drive to work, traffic was light, no big deal. But wham, something hit my mood around 9am and I derailed myself pretty much for the rest of the work day. Nothing too big, just some minor irritations. It went a little something like this…






But once the work day ended, I checked myself, put on my running shoes and set out to get my day back. Not the best run ever, but it made a world of difference. I haven’t done a solo run quite a long time. It felt good to put on music and just go. Like a lot of people, I process when I run. I sorted through all the mundane thoughts that I let sabotage my day. Then I went through the list of what I’m happy for. Happy for the beach, happy for legs that can take me on a run, happy for the light, happy for the other people out running to motivate me and thankful be out in the fresh air.

I ungracefully trudged through high tide, got nice and sweaty and ran into some old friends on the way home. By the time I got home, 6 miles of frustration was burned off.

run time

Just in time for takeout Mexican tailgate style watching the sunset with M. Now settled into the couch watching Masterpiece Theater. And fingers crossed I can bring about a better Tuesday!

9:15pm, Much better!