Money, money, money…

by Kir

I have a favorite quote about money I read in a book a couple years ago…”It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep”.

I love this! Because we all know it’s true. You get a raise, the natural instinct is to immediately up your standard of living. Tax refund? Mentally spent before the check arrives. So when I heard this phrase, it really hit home. And I use it a lot in my inner monologue. (yes, I have one…)

I think anyone contemplating starting their own business, looking to freelance or radically change how they earn a living could easily adopt this as their anthem, motto or creed. Think about it. You’re miserable working day in, day out at a corporate job, but afraid of the decrease in salary if you decide to try and make it doing something you really love. But if you simply keep more than you spend it will  be okay. Find ways to trim spending. The same goes for maintaining your weight – burn more calories than you consume, lose weight! It’s not easybut it is quite simple!

Here are some other things I’ve adopted that make sense to me about money and the law of attraction…

  • Buy a wallet you love. So every time you take it out, it makes you happy. I am on my second Cleobella wallet. I love this wallet b/c it fits everything I need including a lipgloss and my phone. It’s almost a clutch – which you know I love. And it truly makes me happy every time I use it!!!
  • And I know it sounds crazy, but I LOVE green wallets. Like attracts like!

  • When your wallet gets old, zippers break, pockets stretch out, buy a new one! This is your livelihood we’re talking about
  • Keep your wallet clear of clutter – remember George Costanza’s wallet in that Seinfeld episode?
  • Get rid of any expired coupons and offers. It’s okay to have coupons, just make sure they’re current
  • Have all of your cash facing “up” and in the same direction. (The side with President). The faces attract friends and encourage growth
  • Find a penny, pick it up. 100 pennies = a dollar. Are you seriously going to bypass pennies? Money is money!
  • When you pay a bill, say a mental thanks to the electricity it will provide, the insurance and safety of being covered or all the people who worked hard to bring you fresh water
  • I love to buy pretty things and I’m definitely an impulse, online shopper. So I’ve created a phrase my girlfriends here me use: “Do I want this cute <bikini top> or financial freedom”. If I really want something, I usually make myself wait 24 hours. If I still want it, and it’s still in stock, I make the call.

I don’t think of these things as superstitions really. There just some little things that make sense to me…