The Results Are In…

by Kir

Two out of three people made it to the 8 mile run party this morning…

8 miles here we come?

Thank goodness for run buddies! I stuck to my plan. One beer and then soda water for the rest of the night. Sweet! Good night sleep, should be good to go. I hadn’t had a good catch up with Kerri in a long time so the run actually flew by. Chit chatting all the way at trot pace was perfect. I wasn’t going for records, just needed to log the miles. I had a quick stop to stretch my hip (why I have NO idea, but it was kind of sore – odd) but other than that, all good. I think I started to whimper at mile 6.5. It was hot early this morning. You know you should’ve taken some water along when you get the chills and it’s 80 degrees out. Oops. But Kerri sweetly cajoled me along and then gave me a good ass kicking when I wanted to stop 4 blocks from the finish. Little sheepish on that one. I really didn’t realize we were so close to being done. Had I been by myself, I would have walked it in for sure! Thank you to KB!!!

Flashback to the Night Before…

Friendship Bracelets

Looking relieved (and slightly crazy) to be done!

Happy Finished Feet!