Moody Monday

by Kir

It’s Monday and I’m in the mood to…make it three days in a row at the beach! This weekend’s gone a little like this: get up, have coffee, go for a run, hit the beach. Repeat. It’s been a good system and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I decided that Mondays will be devoted to moods. Mood boards and photos reflecting the mood of Monday. Since it’s Labor Day, aka no working, my mood is happy, bright and beach bound. So enjoy the reflection of my mood today! Happy Holiday!!!♥

My favorite things for the beach!

PB Teen Beach Towel – on sale and % of proceeds go to Surfrider!

Bali Beach Bag – on Etsy. Can find less expensive ones, but this is my fave

Best Beauty at the Beach – Tresemme Conditioner (detangles all knots!), Shiseido Face Stick (worth every penny), Hawaiian Tropic (best smell ever), Bamboo comb, Twistbands (best hair-tye/bracelet), Philosophy lip gloss (stays on, tastes yummy)

Andy Davis/Billabong hat –

Gauzy Camp Shirt – on sale at Old Navy

Levis cut offs – best made at home

Havianas – for best selection go straight to the source

Discovery of Witches – easy, engrossing beach read (book 1 of 3)

La Croix & Goldfish Crackers – for the munchies

Zimmerman Bikini – worth the splurge

Happy Labor Day! And remember…it’s always Summer somewhere!!!

And for those of you counting…Blog entry number 30 is COMPLETE!!! Hooray!!!