Girl Crush

by Kir

Girls are amazing. And I have crushes on girls for all kinds of reasons. Qualifications vary, but it’s usually a combination of the following traits: smart, pretty, has a great job, a killer sense of style, can run a sub 2 hour half marathon, is totally at ease in a bikini, can surf with the boys, is an incredible cook, travels the world, has a great fashion sense, runs her own business, was the first to rock bracelets up to her elbows, is successful in all she does, has a great family and/or relationship, makes a mean margarita…the list is endless. I could make a huge long list of my various crushes, but I thought it might be fun to highlight a couple each week. So I give you Girl Crush Wednesday!

Padma Lakshmi

Who is she? Padma Lakshmi, chef, host of Top Chef, former model

Why I have a crush on her? First, the obvious. She’s gorgeous!!! Such a pretty smile and bright, sparkly eyes. There are lots of beautiful women out there, but so many look stand-offish, mean or bored. What’s great about that? They should be thrilled they’re so pretty!!! Personally, I get crushes on people who are interesting. And to me, Padma looks interesting before she even opens her mouth. Now factor in a great sense of style. Understated with a few beautiful pieces of jewelry. (She launched her own line a couple of years ago). And personality…she is unique, strong and independant. She’s raising her daughter on her own terms (not married, kept paternity of child to herself for a while), was once married to Salman Rushdi and is managing her own personal empire. I ♥ Padma!

Cecile Raubenheimer

Who is she? Cecile Raubenheimer, host of Lux Lifestyles on Wealth TV

Why I have a crush on her? Because A) she’s fun!!! and B) she may have the best job EVER! Keep an eye on this up and comer. She’s still hard to find in Google searches. But I think she’ll be blowing up and then I can say I had a crush on her way back when! Cecile hosts a travel show that takes her from Belize to Turkey to Switzerland. She usually has a cocktail in hand, reviews boutique hotels and cruises around in some fun, off-kilter mode of transportation (hot air balloon, moped, water craft for one). And like Padma, it’s her personality that makes her stand out. She has a slightly raspy infectious laugh. And she’s definitely not afraid of trying things or being silly! If your house is like mine and your man has you subscribed to every cable channel imaginable, you’ll likely get Wealth TV. It’s actually headquartered in San Diego. They had a marathon of the Lux Lifestyle show on this past weekend. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

I inadvertently chose two tv hosts to profile this week. So maybe I’ll do a theme. We’ll see. And I’m always open to suggestions. If there are cool women out there that need a girl to have a crush on them, let me know. I have enough ♥ to go around. xoxo