Silly Lessons Learned

by Kir

Have you ever done something really stupid and thought, “Really? How did I think that was going to work?” Only to do the same thing all over again?

Case in point, I grabbed my handy tote bag for an overnight work trip to LA. I was proud of myself b/c I packed well and got everything into one little bag (toiletry bag, one outfit change – a feat in itself, laptop, phone and both chargers) – Success! All good except I failed to notice this at the bottom of my bag…

What doesn’t belong anywhere near your laptop

Need a hint? This sneaky stowaway is sand. I love sand between my toes, but as I learned today, sand is not your friend when it comes anywhere near your laptop. Hence the late night, post work realization, “Why isn’t the trackpad on my laptop working?”, followed closely by, “Hmm, come to think of it, I did use this bag for the beach last Sunday”, followed closely by “Really? Oh however could I be this stupid” and, forgive me, “F&%#”.

I’m embarrassed to admit a bit of deja vu here. Back round the turn of the century, I had a similar episode with my then trusty iBook A4. Except that sand encounter resulted in the purchase of a wireless keyboard since half the Qwerty row shorted out. And I know what you’re thinking…”Really? No AppleCare?”. I know, I know.

On my drive back from LA this morning, this got me to thinking about all of the other lessons learned (yes, most the hard way) as well as some little helpful tidbits picked up from relatives and friends along the way. So I compiled a list of things that may come in handy! And since clearly, I don’t always learn from my mistakes the first time around, I think I may print it out for future reference. I hope it’s helpful!

An honorable mention, that I thought of after the fact…Proofread your work! Go over it 3x more than you think you need to. This post was originally titled 18 Silly Lessons Learned until I went back and only counted 17! Close call…

So if you’re at the Apple store this weekend, come say hi. I’ll be the sheepish girl in line clutching her laptop, new mouse and Visa card explaining once again why I didn’t think AppleCare was a worthy investment. Happy Friday!!!