Get on the Luv Bus!

by Kir

There’s a little bit of magic cruising up and down the SoCal coast these days spreading happiness &  sunshine in the form of Wildfox, Gypsy 05, Baghsu and other lovingly selected lifestyle pieces. It’s A Luv Thing‘s gone mobile. Move over food trucks, Kamie and Dolly are taking it to the next level!

It’s a Luv Thing ~ Kamie and her bus, Dolly

It’s A Luv Thing has been my favorite boutique for forever. Kamie has an incredible eye. She mixes and matches unique hand-crafted pieces and higher priced (relatively) brands like Gypsy 05 with cheap and cheerful tees, tanks and skinny jeans – $49 bucks anyone? Stumped for inspiration? Just cruise in, take one look at Kamie and buy the outfit off her back. It’s what most of us, less sparkly imaginative folk do!

Je t’aime Luv Thing!

Looking for her next adventure, Kamie’s shut down the brick & mortar Luv and went mobile. She’s distilled her incredible, ever-changing collection down to carefully selected, get-it-while-you-can pieces and packed it all into Dolly. Genius!!! You can find her at farmer’s markets, festivals and yes, she makes house calls. Seriously, I’m not kidding. You text her, she’s there. You can follow her on Twitter and find her on Facebook. She posts new product arrivals weekly and, if you’re extra nice to her, she may buy with you in mind on one of her many trips to the markets and inner sanctuaries of LA. Woohoo! The added bonus, once the product’s sold out, it may or may not get re-ordered. So you don’t have to worry about seeing yourself coming and going. How very thoughtful, ♥ it!

Blonde Beauties in a Bus

To Have the Courage…