The Ultimate Escapism: Movie Time

by Kir

I’m not much for going out to the movies anymore. Since M & I shacked up (almost 3 years ago now!), I’ve gotten quite spoiled with the fabulous movies on demand perks of the VIP cable package. I used to roll my eyes with the multitude of channel options, but I have to say I’ve become quite accustom.

Sometimes the best nights are curled up in with a glass of wine and a great movie. If I get to choose, I go for escapism and casual sophistication every time. Preferably spanning multiple continents, telling stories of intrigue, romance and a life lived well. Here are some of my favorite film choices…

The Thomas Crown Affair

Best Line: Damn, I hate being a foregone conclusion
Noteworthy: Renee was 45 when she made this movie!!

To Catch a Thief

Best line: Palaces are for royalty. We’re just common people with a bank account.
Noteworthy: Filmed in the heavenly Cote D’Azur

Casino Royale circa 2006

Best Bond? Sean &Pearce are great, but Daniel’s moody version’s pretty dreamy
Noteworthy: I love the bangs of the villian’s GF, Valenka, just saying…

There are a couple common themes I love about these movies…1) They are all beautiful. Beautifully filmed, beautiful locations, costumes, light & people. 2) Women dress up head to toe. They take care and pride in being magnificent creatures. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my flip flop lifestyle, but every once in a while I like the idea of getting decked out head to toe.

Honorable mentions: Dangerous Beauty, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn and the Julia Ormond versions)

And yes, I will be making an exception when Sky Fall comes out. And yes, I’ll probably shell out the $$$ for Cinepolis!♥