Indian Summer

by Kir

September may be San Diego’s best month. If you like hot, sunny weather and cooler water temperatures. Our summer gets a bit of a late start. May gray and June gloom keep us guessing and a lot of get pretty bummed when we’re still sidelined well into June. Memorial Day weekend is really a roll of the dice. But come September we all give many thanks and remember that it’s worth it. When everyone else is packing up their white jeans and covering up their pools, we cruise into second summer. And it’s a happy, happy time.

Take today…a nice little south swell rolled in just in time for a fun little paddling competition in Huntington Beach. My friend Lucy is a bit of a silent killer. She’s secretly half mermaid ~ it’s always the quiet ones. So my other gf, Bec, and I piggy-backed on Lucy’s adventure and headed North to Huntington for a change of scene and some pretty amazing spectating!

A perfect day in Huntington Beach

Bec & Lucy, the mermaid (smiles after heat 1 of racing!!!)

Indian Summer



It was 99 degrees on the beach today. That’s unheard of for us. Now back home, Swamis is registering 100. So I’m cutting this post short and taking one more dip in the ocean. As a “wannabe mermaid”, the pitchy Huntington waves kind of scared the bejeezus out of me. So I need to go redeem myself at my home beach. Happy Saturday ♥