Gifts Your GFs Will Love You For…

by Kir

Giving a gift from the heart is an amazing way to delight a friend and make someone feel special! Sometimes it’s hard to know what people need. Therefore, I think the best gifts are life’s little luxuries you’d be crazy not to want.

To me, little luxuries are things like beautiful stationary, two really gorgeous wine glasses, a delicious smelling candle, you get the picture. These things are usually anywhere from $12-$50. In the gift giving range, that’s not too bad. Even though you probably wouldn’t spend $12 on a single pen for yourself or $30 for hand lotion, you’d easily fork that same amount of money over for a friend.

Treasures don’t have to be pricey, but it can take time and effort to get creative and get something really yummy. So I put together a little collection of fun, frivolous and still quite handy things. I’m thinking that if I adore/covet/drool over them, maybe someone you know will too. Oh you pretty things! ♥

Gorgeous Olive Oil from Dean & Deluca

Would I spend $38 on olive oil for myself? Probably not, but in that beautiful Dean & Deluca box, it’s worth every gifting penny!

Happy little bags in all shapes and sizes, $25-$30. Stash your 4oz toiletries, a wet bikini or favorite jewelry in these bright babies.

Looks luxurious, goes anywhere, prices really well! $50 and it’s all yours. Who wouldn’t love something this pretty to snuggle up to?

Lavanile Vanilla Coconut Wash

All natural. Smells like summer, but not too strong. A little luxury at $20. Feeling generous? The body butter is great too so get both!

Mermaid Matches!

Who couldn’t use these? Go to and search “Fireplace Matches”. A ton of great illustrated matches come up within the $5-$8 range.

I love this DVF ‘Wings’ case. It’s a decent bet that your friend has an iPhone. So give her a fun case to change things up a bit.

And in case you think I’m being super selfless, giving away all my best gift giving ideas…my birthdays in March, I love Christmas presents and I’m open to receiving prezzies on a “just because” basis!