Fab Friday Deal – Philosophy!!!

by Kir

Hold the phone and grab your laptop…Philosophy’s on Hautelook with a really good sampler collection! Usually these curations are hit or miss or  kind of meh. You either end up with a teeny dinky selection of stuff or you like 2 of the 4 items in the collection. In this one I LOVE all of it. Here’s why…

The best collection I’ve seen in a while!

Microdelivery purifying peel – OMFG, this used to be hard to find. And for those of us who get a “touch” more sun than we should, thank you, thank you Philosophy!!! Before I found it, I was resigned to the fact that it was only a matter of time before my face looked like a leather bag. But thanks to this peel, no more fears of Magda for me! It’s pretty gentle, but stings enough that you know it’s working.

When Hope Is Not Enough  – the next step up from Hope In a Jar. Again, one of my faves. And a little goes a really long way! Good for day and night.

Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – when used with the peel, look out 25-year-old self, my silky soft plump-in-a-good-way skin is making a comeback!

Grace – I must confess, I love the smell, but I’ve never worn it as a signature scent. So I’m kind of excited to shake up my collection with something new.

And the best part, the whole assortment is a whopping $75!!! Yes $75. You won’t regret it. Click here to order.

So there’s your Fabulous Friday tip from me to you and your soon to be glowing skin! Happy Friday and, you’re welcome, xoxo ♥