Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach…

by Kir

Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, summer’s out of reach. Empty lake, empty streets, the sun goes down alone…Don Henley’s Boys of Summer has been on a continuous loop in my head for about four days now!

I can see you, your brown skin shinin in the sun…

Even though it was close to 80 today, the beach was pretty deserted. Yesterday too. Football’s season’s started and people must be finding other things to do with their days. Which leaves the water and the sand free to the handful of us who are still visiting it daily. Lucky us.

There is a quiet in the air. After such a busy, bustling summer, you can feel the tourism wind-down around town. The patios and decks are full, but not busting to the seams like they were a month ago. The sun is sleeping in a bit and dropping into the water earlier. Walking home from dinner at 7:30pm last night to a bright moon and stars made it sink in that Fall will be making its presence known soon. But I’m holding on to my Indian Summer. And I’ll be squeezing every last drop of sunshine from my September and October!!!

Indian Summer by Susan Wickstrand