The Name Says It All…

by Kir

Wednesday night I stopped by one of the cooler little shops I’ve been to in a good long while, Seaweed & Gravel. How can I say this without sounding pretentious? It truly is visually delightful.

Seaweed & Gravel Selections – look at the surfboard!

I think you may need this Mr. Bubble tee

The hangtags, the logo, the woodwork and even the little backyard are so creative and well thought out. You can tell David, the owner, is an artist. I couldn’t stop touching things.  You know how the term “curated” is used so much? Well, in this store’s case, it really does look thoughtfully and deliciously haphazardly eccentric and, well, curated.

Beautiful Logo

Set up in Leucadia, the mecca of deliciously eccentric, Seaweed & Gravel sells vintage finds like this insane, fringe jacket…

If only I could pull this off…

Glittering motorcycle helmets, killer cut offs and bonsai trees. Why not? And your man finally has a shop he can call his own. I will be doing some birthday shopping for M here, no question.

Every Wednesday night, owner David, throws open the doors, fires up the grill and puts some Tecates on ice for Weird Wednesdays. No need to know anyone, just come as you are, have a burger and meet some really nice, cool people! Everyone was really friendly.

Out front, the display of motorcycles

A side perk of Weird Wednesday…I rocked up by myself to check out the store and to visit Kamie and Dolly the bus who were also attending. That’s how I ended up with these 3 beauties in a bus sipping on a Tecate. I also ended up with a backless, floor-length navy and white striped number for $48!!! (Pic of dress, coming soon, but you can catch a peek of it behind Kami’s right shoulder…)

Girls in a bus

If you’re lucky enough to anywhere near Leucadia, stop by Seaweed and Gravel! If not, check out David’s tumbler page. Here’s to celebrating the unique and authentic community businesses! May S&G have every success!!!♥