Got Passport, Will Travel

by Kir

About this time of year, I turn into that kid in class mindlessly daydreaming out the window. Even though we’ve been getting near perfect beach days, I know the inevitable shift into Fall is coming.

This weekend at beach – some umbrella assembly required

The biggest sign? At 6:05 am, when my alarm goes off, it’s dark. At 6:15 am when my second alarm goes off (thank you iPhone), it’s still dark. So as I sit at my desk and plunge into my day, my 5th grade, daydreaming self is off cruising the canals of Venice, walking down the beach in Mal Pais and setting sail for a sunset cruise through the Caribbean.

A typical daydream goes like this…

Or this…

I LOVE to travel!!! Even if it’s only in my mind. And M has a brilliant strategy when it comes to traveling. Whenever possible, he books our next adventure either right before or during our current vacation. That way, we don’t get too bummed out on the plane ride home. Then we get to say, “Lucky us, we already have our next trip planned” while the other passengers sulk into their last Mai Tais for a long while. Even if that trip is 6 months out, it’s still something amazing in your back pocket to look forward to.

So next on deck for us is Sayulita for New Years. We went last year too. It’s a low-key, magical spot. You can eat skewers of fresh shrimp straight off the boats, have a balcony overlooking the bay and find tons of great little treasures, blue pearls and handmade crafts. I cannot wait! As we get closer, I’ll be building (and most likely documenting) my dream travel bag so stay tuned for updates. I know it’s a tad early to plan these things out, but on a Monday with deadlines, sometimes a girl’s gotta give in to the daydream. ♥