A Tale of Two Skinnys

by Kir

aka Girl Crushes, 2nd installment…

My ‘Little Blog That Could’ experiment started largely in part to the efforts of a handful of really great girls with highly entertaining, often educational blogs. This whole blog idea came about a few years back when I decided to cultivate a blogger network for work. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value the insight of a good girlfriend! That became a big part of my marketing strategy for the companies I work with.

In essence, what would happen if I assembled an incredible network of girls across the country with a variety of tastes, style, athletic endeavors and insights? And what if we utilize their thoughts and ideas to personalize campaigns and to compile honest feedback on a variety of topics? Well, for starters, you get a perfectly amazing, delectably diverse collection of women and a pretty fabulous Rolodex at your fingertips!

Oddly enough, two of these lovely bloggers both have Skinny in their titles and are part of my current bookmarks of blogs I read daily…

Skinny #1: Skinny Runner

Dubbed the “Us Weekly” of running blogs by my friend Beth, Sara, aka Skinny Runner is a gorgeous, funny, talented girl who can write. She also happens to be a badass runner even though she won’t claim it. As much as she jokes about not having a “real job”, this girl works HARD. She posts every day without fail unless her server crashes from too many readers! Seriously, her following is kind of insane. She wrote a post about whether or not to wear tights with her dress (see dress awesomeness below) and got 246 comments. Really 246 comments. On tights.

Sara’s H&M find

I’ve worked with Sara professionally as well. There’s a reason why she’s successful. She doesn’t flake, she runs her blog like a real business and puts up fresh content every, dang day. That is not easy. She makes you laugh and isn’t afraid to be real – real detailed, real about flaws, real moments – in Orange County no less!!!  So for those reasons plus more, I ♥ SR!

Skinny #2: Skinny Confidential

Need a skinny cocktail recipe? Want advice on a three-day juice cleanse? How about travel snack ideas for your next jet set weekend to Cabo? A recovery regimen when you fall off the exercise wagon post vacation? If you said yes to any of these, Lauryn’s your girl. Arguably one of the sweeter people on the planet, Lauryn puts her heart and soul into making sure her readers have a good experience. You write a comment, she’ll comment back! You have questions, she answers them in personalized detail.

Miss Lauryn

I love reading this blog because it’s always different. And beautifully photographed so you get drawn in quick. How do you make kale look this good??? Thanks to SC, my new favorite snack is Pickles in a Blanket! It’s ridiculous how simple and good it is. Bonus – the Laughing Cow cheese is on special at Costco through Oct 7!! Add in lots of style and cocktail ideas, all beautifully presented and voila, amazing blog, check!

Pickles in a Blanket…sooooo yummy!

Thumb’s up to SC, she’s gorgeous and real and works hard to stay in shape so she can have her cocktail/cake and drink/eat it too. ♥

So cheers to the girls and thanks for being so generous with your findings, your insights, bargain finds and fashion stylings!!!