If I Can’t Be in Hawaii…

by Kir

This time of year all the cool kids in my hood (North County San Diego) begin their annual migration to Kona. The Facebook updates from the Mauna Lani, the sightings at Lava Java and endless photos of beautiful sea turtles, sunsets and Mai Tais make me sniffle and whine a little bit. I’m happy for you all. Really. The people, the smells, the coconuts, sunrise shells and don’t get me started on the poke…

So that’s it. I’ve decided, if I can’t be in Hawaii, I can create a Hawaii-esque experience here at home, aka, the mainland. This is what I will be doing for the next week or so. Who’s with me? ♥

Recreating a little Aloha at home

Get this amazing hat, here

Foodland’s Insane Poke Recipe, here

Oh you pretty Hinu treasures, here

If you have any tips on bringing home the Aloha, I’m all ears!!! PS – honorable mention, coconut oil home hair treatment. Messy, but worth it xo