Orange You Glad It’s the Weekend!

by Kir

Ohhhh many thanks for this streak of Indian Summer. After a nice coastal run fueled by a delicious fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie & hot coffee courtesy of M, I’m settling in to the makings of a pretty great Saturday. So here’s what’s on my rambling mind today…

I don’t know about you, but I tend to fixate on certain colors. I go in phases that can take a couple weeks or a couple years to cycle through. But I have 3 favorites that are pretty much mainstays in my “signature” color palette (if there is such a thing). And orange is one of them. On trend or no, orange & I have a thing, an understanding if you will! It’s warm, happy and can handle all four seasons with its varying shades – think mandarin, coral, jack-o-lantern then downshift to the more mutable peach, clay &  sunset.

I love this graphic!

Art & illustration should make you happy. Every time I look at this (it’s on my desktop) I smile. I wish I had notecards, a t-shirt, coasters & a hat with this on it. Oh, and a poster size for my office. Alas, after trying to hunt it down, I can’t find the original anywhere. So if you know who created this, let me know so I can give proper credit and say thank you!

Cleobella Orange Clutch – get it here

I’ve mentioned this clutch before. And am going to pony up for this beautiful orange number. Clutch #3 to my collection. Trust me, you’ll never regret it. You can hold all your cards/money/iphone/lipgloss in this fabulous piece of art. It comes in a rainbow of gorgeous colors, you will go back for more! ♥

The Brilliant World of Thomas Paul

I was exposed to the beautiful world of Thomas Paul by my fabulous girlfriend, Jenna. She has incredible taste and a knack for buying you the perfect present. She bought me these sea life small plates that I still use almost every day!

Best Pumpkins Ever!

Obviously, these pumpkins are right up my alley! Coastal, beach and so dang cool. If you are crafty, Coastal Living has the step-by-step on their website, here, to recreate these beauties. Warning: it involves power tools. For the record, my pumpkins will look nothing like this, but a girl can always admire other people’s artistry.

Vix, this suit should be in the bikini hall of fame!!!

On that note, I’m throwing on my absolute favorite Orange Vix bikini (above), unfortunately that’s not me, and going for a dip in the sea to pay homage and say thank you to mother nature for this streak of warmth & sunshine. Happy Saturday!!! ♥