Gotta Love the Hawaii Girls

by Kir

Aka…Girl Crushes, the Hawaii installment

So far we’ve covered my two favorite world-traveling hosts and two gorgeous, skinny bloggers. This week my eyes travel west over the Pacific Ocean to one of the few places I’d be happy to live if I couldn’t live in North County San Diego.

I’m sorry, but David Lee Roth didn’t know what he’s talking about. If they were all California girls, then there’d be no Hawaii girls! And no Hawaii girls would be a tragedy. Because they’re so…dang…cool! And hotties to boot. These girls were raised in bikinis and flip-flops so they don’t mess around.

Two of my absolute favorites…

Rachel Ross, aka Run Like a Mother may one day be inducted into the Coolest Girls Around Hall of Fame. She’s got legs to her arm pits, perfect cascading beachy hair, just PR’d the Chicago marathon in 2:58, has three kids, amazing style, a wicked sense of humor and makes you bracelets in her spare time so you feel included even though you’ll probably never run a marathon and are lucky to knock out and 8.5 minute mile.

Yes, this was taken after the three kids…

And she makes bracelets

I joke that she is my Pinterest Soul Twin, you decide, Rachel’s Boards & Kir’s Boards…Rachel is also a great writer with a fresh, funny way of putting things in perspective on her blog. I sense a book deal in her future!

Rebekah Steen, aka Goldfish Kiss‘s blog is pure escapism. “Life’s a beach. Wear a bikini.” Sounds good to me, no arm-twisting needed! Her posts are beautiful and the girl is a genius. She’s found a way to get a lifetime supply of bikinis and beachy jewelry by photographing herself on a white, sandy Hawaiian beach frolicking in the latest and greatest from Ola Feroz, Letarte, Beach Riot and pretty much every other awesome swim line out there. She’s also on Pinterest and Instagram spreading sunshine, beach shots and glimpses of her life in Hawaii. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a rockin’ body – fit, strong and sexy. If you go to the left panel, she has a section called Dream Beach Bag. I would literally buy all of it. Great easy style, good tips for getting a bikini body and she definitely seems like a great beach buddy.

Rebekah in Lolli – how cute is she???

Absolutely Love This – Roxy girls come to life…

In addition to these gorgeous pics, she also puts up really sweet, very empowering musings from time to time. It’s things like this that keep me coming back to see what she’s posted next. ♥