A Day Without Worry – Woohoo!

by Kir

Continuing on from yesterday’s theme, I got to thinking…What if you could be worry free for a whole day? Yesterday, I pledged to go the whole day monitoring my “worrisome” thoughts and see how the day turned out. For the record, it wasn’t about stuffing anything down or pretending it’s not there. I still dealt with things that came up, but I didn’t add my usual pre and post worry.  I had a piece of paper and I wrote down the time I felt worried and a teeny note next to it. Not a lengthy note, just a quick reference. It was like a little purge. Then I moved on.

Worries Schmurries

In a yoga class, you’ll hear the teacher say let the thought come in and go right out. By writing down the time that was a tangible way to say, “thanks, I heard you, now let’s move on.” Worked pretty well.

I played happy music (Bananarama radio – thank you Holly!), I looked out the window b/c it was sunny. And I got up and walked around at least once an hour. Then I took myself and my ridiculously fit, styley friend Kristin to yoga with me. Guess what? Minimal worries after, 6:30pm – when yoga let out. Coincidence? I think not…Go yoga!

The funny thing is, looking back a day later, the things on my list were really minor. Worrying about buying socks for M’s birthday present this weekend – hmmm really? But writing them down gave me some great perspective on how much wasted energy I spend on worry. And now even one day after my worry logging, I’m a lot more mindful today. And to make things even better, I got to wear my new favorite Hawaii hat that Kristin brought me back from Kona.

Seriously, how cool is my neon pink HI hat. Love love love…

On a side note, I’m a huge Lance fan. I know everyone has their opinion – just like politics. So whatever anyone’s view – hey totally your thing, your opinion no question. But I came across this quote today and I loved it for a lot of different reasons:

“It’s funny how the people who know the least about you have the most to say”

So that’s my thought to ponder (not worry about) for the day ♥