Morning Run Optimism???

by Kir

In the hopes of psyching myself up for an early morning run before I hit the road for the OC, I thought I would look up some motivational quotes.  My thought was if I find something good, I’ll post it and maybe somebody else who was on the fence (hitting snooze) may also get motivated. Serves me right for being preachy. This is what I came up with instead….I’m sorry, but these ecards still crack me up. I can’t help it!

Let’s Motivate Together

And PS, my run buddy is off frolicking in Belize and snorkeling with rays (yes, Renee, I mean you!) so I’m pretty much left to my own motivational devices and we all know how that goes… So it’s a crapshoot, I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow night…If you’re up at 6am, feel free to shoot me a happy wake-up text! xoxo