The Night In Pictures

by Kir

Some people do race recaps – this is a Saturday night recap. First things first, we made it past 10:00 PM – a minor miracle in our book lately…It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of food and the occasional beer tasting. I think the hit of the evening was Bottlecraft. What a cool place. There were all ages mingling and peeps were really friendly. They had two flights of beer on draft to taste. And pretty much any beer you can imagine from the smallest craft bomber out of Maryland to a specialty brew from a remote region in Germany.

A close second was La Villa in Little Italy. We were headed to Craft & Commerce, but got there a bit late since we were enjoying our “sampling” at Bottlecraft. The wait was a mere 1 hour and 45 minutes and we were starving!!! So enter in…La Villa. LV was very Euro with an outdoor courtyard, a great wine list and the ridiculously tasty smell of fresh baked bread. They had us at “we can seat you right now”! We sat outside under a huge market umbrella as the rain misted down. Super fun, slightly unorthodox, but miraculously, we stayed dry.

The next morning we had the last of our indulgences at Lolitas. Lolitas has ah-mazing breakfast burritos and large Tecates in a can for brekkie (no judging!). All in all, a pretty good wrap up to the birthday extravaganza.

Needless to say, we put ourselves on the juice and veggie recovery plan yesterday fo sho ♥♥♥

Starting Off With Some Sampling at Mission Brewing

The View From Our Digs

M & Hux – Happy boys, score 1 for the party planner…

Stillwater Farmhouse Flight – yummy!

Pretty Things – Such cool labels

La Villa – Delish dinner under a market umbrella in the rain – heaven

Full & Happy

The morning after – breakfast burritos at Lolitas