What Gets You Through The Day…

by Kir

Sunshine, fresh air, fragrant flowers, coffee meetings outside of work with people you’d totally be friends with! That’s how my day started. Yes, sheepishly, I must own my decision to hit snooze, watch CNN & drink coffee with M instead of going for my run – I stand by it!!! I thought if I posted something last night it might motivate me. Let’s face it, it was long-shot strategy at best. But I will go run right after I post this, I promise!

I had a work meeting at the Montage in Laguna Beach and the freeway fairies were on my side! The border check was closed, thanks heavens, and I flew through San Clemente in record time. Anyone who makes the trek from North County to the OC (Orange County) knows that a mere 5 minute delay in departure time can mean the difference between a 45 minute and a 1 hour and 20 minute commute. So let’s say I was very grateful to hit a good window. This was the view for my meeting this morning!

How the rich people live – the pool at the Montage

After a really nice meeting, I walked back to my car (down the street b/c I didn’t want to pay for valet!!!) and snapped these shots of the grounds and the beach. I don’t think it gets much prettier than this!

Breathtaking color!


Sea Shine…

Mermaid & Shell Sculpture

After a second coffee meeting (yes, I’m very over-caffeinated) a little bit closer to my side of town, it was time to head back across the border to San Diego County.  And play email catch up for the rest of the afternoon. But lucky me, I got to work from my favorite spot…

Home Office

Time to wind it down…Got a run date set for 5pm so I absolutely cannot flake. All in all, lots of great little treats to get me through my day. Hope you had some good stuff cookin too! xxoo