Slutty or Sweet – Don’t Be That Girl

by Kir

Slutty, Sassy or Sweet…

Since I did a “Don’t be that guy post”, it seems only fair to address the ladies too. And what more perfect subject is there than Halloween…

Here we go, “Don’t be that girl”

It’s a fine line between “fun and sassy” and “fruit bat crazy, off the rails” or even just “over the top and unflattering”. So proceed with caution on the slutty factor and for heaven’s sake watch the alcohol consumption. Nothing’s more off putting than slutty Cinderella w/throw up in her hair and runny eye makeup. Sorry, but it’s true!


Yawn – really Gwen?

So ladies, look out for each other and don’t be that girl. Here are some basic tips to keep it classy:

Stay away from the Halloween punch – lord knows what clear evil liquid lurks beneath its sickly sweet fruity disguise

Don’t Be Fooled – stick to something w/ a label!

Eat something of substance before you go out. If you’re too scared to look bloated in your costume, that’s a sign that it’s too short/tight/slutty

If you’re leaning toward sexy, pick one: short skirt or belly-baring – there are very few who can pull off both!

Hot or hot mess – it’s a fine line…

Drink lots of water! Load up throughout the day then, if you can, rotate every other drink w/ good ole H2O

Know yourself. If you can’t be trusted to not text your ex, give your phone to a friend – no matter how cute you think you look!

Do NOT text your ex

Good luck, take lots of pics and take yourself home at a reasonable hour. Remember, very little good comes after 1am!!!

PS – if you do take lots of pics, think twice before immediately posting to instagram/facebook/twitter – that is all ♥

Happy Halloween!