Editorial Escapism

by Kir

So I read a new term (new to me at least) on Amanda Cheadle’s blog Sugar & Swim. She said, now for a little “editorial escapism”. And then proceeded to post (which I pinned) some gorgeous photos of an Elle photoshoot in Croatia. I love the phrase and “escape via editorials” all the time. So here’s a little visual escapism from my latest scanning through Pinterest and online…

Elle Croatia Shoot via Sugar & Swim

Indian Summer SUPing on the Pacific

Just Sitting Here Sifting Sand

Walk Into The Sunset With Me


Rene Ricard – would love to have this in my house


Bobbing Along


Stairway to Heaven

Happy Place

These pictures all represent my Happy Place. When I’m tuned out and not listening or by myself daydreaming – this is the visual track running through my mind. My girlfriend Renee just got back from Belize. Coincidentally, my brother sent me an article Friday that you can buy a house (on the sand) on one of the smaller islands for $100k and live reasonably well for $1000 a month. So in addition to these lovely pictures, I’m also doing a little math and some real estate daydreaming too! Happy happy Saturday xo.