The Emotional Drive By

by Kir

Yesterday I wrote about my 8 week count down to being physically healthy and getting myself into optimum shape for my New Year’s vacay! This got me thinking about my mental health as well.

My girlfriend, Beth, and I were at a party over the weekend and got to  talking about Emotional Drive-bys via social media. The next day on a run with my friend, Kerri, the subject came up again as she described dinner with a friend who couldn’t put her phone away for more than two minutes at a stretch. It got me to thinking…

In this visual world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it’s all too easy to keep track of everyone. And it isn’t very healthy. And we are cheating ourselves out of good quality time with the people in front of us by worrying what “everyone” is up to all the time.


We can see who did <and didn’t> go to or get invited to an event, who is out having fun with whom, what time people post things and our minds launch from there imagining all kinds of scenarios. There’s even a term for it, FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out)

Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with measuring your worth with how many followers you have? Or how many people comment on a FB post you put up? Maybe I’m the only one, but I admit it. I’ve absolutely committed all of the above. And it’s time to stop the insanity b/c it’s pretty pathetic and I know I can do better!

So along with my 8 week physical shape up, I’m going to mental  boot camp as well. I’ve put myself on Instagram probation for a week. If I can’t handle it,  I’m deleting my account and will go back to looking at the web the old fashioned way. (FB and Twitter I’m not as bad, but I’ll be monitoring them) In addition, I pledge to look up more and at my phone and computer screen less.

There are amazing people all around me every day. And I’m re-committing to giving them my full attention and energy instead of keeping one eye on my iPhone for fear of missing an update!

Sadly, this is going to be as hard as not raiding the leftover halloween candy, but it’s time for a change!

This post is dedicated to M, who gently reminded me that I sometimes get  a bit crazy with all of this ♥