What Would You Do If You Could Anything?

by Kir

Seriously, no limits! What would you do if you could wake up and do anything you wanted each and every day? What would your days look like? Would they be blissfully, consistently  the same or would every day be exciting, new and drastically different? Or would you leave it up to the moment to see how you were feeling and create a mix of the two?

I think about this all the time, but still not as often as I should. For the most part, I think I would play each day by ear. I love the idea of playing widly in your imagination!

Some days I might sleep in, take my coffee in bed snuggled up with a good book. Other days, I may get up early, crank out a run and then jump in the ocean to cool off afterward. Then maybe, just because I can, I’d jump on a plane and head to Buenos Aires for the week then on to Belize for the weekend. I would take an are class, paint with oils and then learn how to use CAD so I can create a line of bikinis and cover ups. Learning french in Paris would be nice along with drinking the best wine with hunk of fresh baguette and a whack of cheese (whose name I can’t pronounce).

Creating prints for fabrics, writing essays and novels, reading tons of fiction, doodling in sketchbooks and paddling up and down the coast would also be thown in the mix. I would collaborate with smart, creative, warm, funny people on some days and go it alone on other days. My dream collaborators: Free People, Cleobella, Vix, Lalicious, Sanuk and Brand Betty!

Learning and studying would factor in a lot come to think of it. I think primarily history, English and art with the occasional anthropology class sprinkled in to better understand human behavior. But instead of a desk, I’d study in a hammock on the beach or in a big overstuffed chair. I would grab M and see the world. And when we’re not seeing the world, we’d be doing a lot of what we do already – run, swim, beach, eat, meet with friends, have cocktails and enjoy our time each day. I think I’d also grab Richard Branson and Padma Lakshmi and take them to dinner – or better yet, Padma could cook for us while we all stay at Necker – voila!

Necker Island

The point being, life is serious enough and it’s easy to get caught up in the boring minute details of our to-do lists. So it’s fun to daydream and think bigger picture. You never know what can come out of a brainstorm. Motto: Dream big! Why not, somebody’s got to!!!

For the record, this is a stream of consciousness post – it just came out, no editing and no re-reading so if it’s a garbled mess – so be it! ♥♥♥