A Giant Ate My Wunder Unders

by Kir

Were you late this week? Did you type four pages of a proposal only to lose it when you’re computer upped and died on you for no apparent reason? Well my friends, there is a very reasonable explanation for all of this, it’s Mercury Retrograde again.

Damn you Mercury Retrograde! Source

There are a lot of great explanations out there for what Mercury Retrograde is. If you want to learn more about it, Susan Miller has a great summary here. In a nutshell, it’s an astrological event. Mercury is known as the planet of communication and when it goes retrograde, communication between people can be off, electronics go on the fritz and lots of other little frustrating things happen.

My week was definitely scattered from Wednesday on starting with my laundry…From working at lululemon, I acquired a healthy collection of luon over the years. I’ve gifted a lot of it away, but one tried and true staple in my closet are my Wunder Unders. Black, brown, striped, gray, hot pink – you name a color or print, I’ve had em. I have 8 pairs of black ones. But with MR rearing its ugly head, I can only find two in my closet right now. WTF.

FLashback Foto – Me and Kerri hiking in WUs

I’ve looked everywhere and even (horror of horrors) did ALL my laundry in vain thinking they would turn up. Nope. I fear they are off partying with my key and Beth’s wallet!

Thursday morning I got up early to head to Orange County for an 8am coffee meeting. All was going great until I hopped in the Mini and realized I didn’t have my keys. Fifteen minutes later after a thorough house search and some (a lot) of swearing still no keys. M, my knight in shining armor volunteered to chauffeur me so we could make up time in the carpool lane. Thank goodness b/c I arrived about two minutes ahead of my coffee date. Crisis narrowly averted. It’s Saturday morning and yup, still no keys. I had to order a new smart key for the tune of $165!!! Aaaarrgh.

If you do nothing else, give yourself an extra 10 minutes to accomplish pretty much every task. Be patient when talking with your loved ones – our communication is garbled and it’s likely we’ll have BIG misses when coordinating meet times, getting our points across and expressing even the simplest things so go easy on yourself and the peeps around you. Here are some more tips that may be helpful:

Surviving Mercury Retrograde

My Wunder Unders, my keys, Beth’s wallet, Alexis’ key – I like to think they’re all having a grand old time partying it up somewhere – probably with a bunch of socks and pens. Either that, or a giant snuck into my house and ate all of my Wunder Unders. Only time will tell!♥