Does Your Brain Do This?

by Kir

Does your brain ever do this?

I grabbed a notepad to jot down some ideas that were knocking around in my head. With good, productive intentions, I started with a topic…women’s marketing strategies (I’m a dork, I LOVE this topic and can go for miles if you’ll let me) and drew a circle around it.

And then my brain looked at that circle and said hmmm it looks like a head. Followed by, it looks a bit like Charlie Brown’s head in fact. No, not really Charlie Brown, more like a buddha. A happy buddha. I think I can draw a buddha. Ooooh, I like drawing buddhas, very peaceful. And 20 minutes later…I have a brainstorm title, 2 bullet points and 5 happy buddhas. And some flowers to disguise a line I didn’t like.

Does anyone else’s brain work like this? I must confess, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to procrastination. But while doodling, I like to think my mind is still working in the background. So maybe when I go to sleep tonight, I’ll dream up something interesting that might turn into an idea…And since it’s 9:56 pm and about 56 minutes later than my bedtime lately, this theory will have to do.


Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite ♥