by Kir

This week was a good one in a busy, bustling way. I had a couple of  projects (both personally and professionally) that I got to sink my creative teeth into and it felt so good. With my energy funneling in different directions, the blogging took its first hit. I kept sitting down to my laptop to write and nothing was coming to mind. Or, more accurately, lots of topics would come to mind – my Christmas gift idea, what motivates me to run (manmosas and killer legs, duh!), how to be a good networker and why is everyone so dang opinionated and mean about the NY marathon. But when i would actually sit down to write, I found I was just too dang tired. So I doodled, played around on Pinterest and online shopped.

Then I realized that my creative juices can only go in so many directions at once. And I cut myself some slack. This week M and I spent some really fun, quality time together. We baked (and by we I mean M w/me looking on from the cheering section with a glass of wine in hand) fresh bread from scratch – starter yeast and all! We had date night and I showed him the luxurious world of Cinepolis to go see Skyfall (he’s now hooked on high brow “theater”). And generally spent time away from my computer when not working! This is tough for me b/c I love looking at blogs, Pinterest and the latest from Sephora, Free People and as much as M likes watching football and the history channel (WWII in color again???). So even though we are sitting on the same couch right next to each other we can both be worlds away. So this week I decided to keep the Twitter, Instagram, FB and web surfing to a minimum and be more present on the couch. We had a blast, we were more attentive to one another and it was really fun.

So to the four people (plus my Mom and Dad) who are reading this blog, I apologize for the brief hiatus, but it was super worth it. Now I feel a bit refreshed and excited to write again! So Christmas gift ideas will most likely be coming soon and a post about how to network will definitely be on deck. But for now I’ll leave with a brief photo summary of why I run! It’s not always easy, but I have learned to love it. Sometimes (always) running kicks my butt, but I come back to her again and again begging for more. Happy happy Sunday! ♥

Will Run for Manmosas – any time, any place…

Will Run to Justify Obsessive Running Shoe Habit

And Buy More Shoes…

Will Run to Have Girlfriend Catch Up Time


Will Run to Eat What I Want


Will Run So I Can Rock a Bikini 9 Mo of the Year