Griffin Found My Key

by Kir

Spoiler alert: this post is a bit on the sad side. So if you’re having a fabulous, sunshine-y day, it’s ok to come back tomorrow…

Last night Griffin, our just-shy-of-16 year old Weimaraner went to sleep forever. See I warned you!

Griffin, quite simply, was magnificent. He was a funny, beautiful, graceful dog. M got him was he was a puppy. And without being overly sentimental, I can’t say enough how much we loved him.

Griff as a puppy

He was a super speedy, high energy guy in his youth. Back in his hey-day, he was a leader on the ranch runs, and a local at Dog Beach. When Griff, M and I got together, he was still a joyful handful, but was running less and walking more (kind of like me at the time). Alway a bit of a ladies man, he had his signature meet and greet that wasn’t easily forgotten.

Best friend, lady killer, awesome napper

In the last 2-3 years he mellowed out a lot and could usually be found sneaking up onto the sofa when we weren’t looking or fast alseep at the end of our outdoor couch with the umbrella up, living the good life.

We were at the Charger game yesterday (and if you follow the Chargers, you know how that story went) and when we got home, he was waiting for us on his bed. It was his time. We knew it immediately. We sat with him, hugged him and told him how incredible he was. And how happy he made us. And how it was okay to go if he needed to. And just like that, he closed his eyes and off he went. Even in his final moments, he was so graceful and so considerate.

Last night was hard. Today is hard. M and I are walking around like the walking wounded waiting for Griff to show up. I’m writing this post from my spot on the outdoor couch and he’s simply not sitting next to me like usual. How surreal. On one hand, I feel immense grief in its purest form. I feel like there is a hole in my stomach and I’m a bit overwhelmed by how much I miss him – even though I’d been preparing for a while. On the other hand, I’m so grateful and happy for him to have moved on. You know what they say about laughter through tears being the best emotion. So I’ve been thinking of all the funny things he did too. And that breath, damn.

Our Typical Couch Setup – Saturday

Not five minutes after I came inside to call the animal hospital last night, I got a picture text from my friend Renee saying, “Look what I found”. It was my Mini key that I lost two weeks ago – refresh your memory here. I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but with the timing, I know it was Griff saying “Everything is okay. Look, here’s that key you were worried about. Don’t worry so much, things all work out. And, by the way, yes you are ditzy sometimes, the strap box. Really?”

Griffin Found My Key…

So Griffy, thank you for being the best dog and sun buddy a girl could ask for. And for being M’s best friend for over a 1/3 of his life. We’ll always love and honor you and we are so grateful for the time we all spent together! ♥

Griffin Wadley