An Ode to the Free People Fairies

by Kir

I don’t know about you, but after the last couple of days, I’m down for a little frivolous daydreaming.

If you got Free People’s Fairytale Issue, you probably sighed, smiled and imagined yourself wrapped up in cozy sweaters paired with sequined dresses and beat-up tall boots. No? Just me? I find that hard to believe. It’s one of my favorite FP catalogues to date…Bravo to the editorial team!

I’ll take one of everything please…

When I was little (okay even when I was in college), I used to flip through catalogues and pretend I could have the clothes on one page of each spread. I would spend a ridiculous amount of time debating which items I would get. It was so fun. So after much page turning and time sucking, here is my lovingly selected, carefully crafted wishlist for the Free People Fairies.

Wrap Me In This Please

Practically Perfect In Every Way…

How Could You Not Need This?

Fringy Goodness

This Would Make My Closet So Happy

Santa, would you pretty please put in a good word for me? ♥