Visual Sunshine

by Kir

It is no longer Indian Summer and the San Diego weekend forecast calls for low 60s and rain. That combined with an intense week and it’s time to make our own sunshine around here! I came across this perfect little Pinterest post…

Today I did this by making breakfast for dinner – sunny side up egg (no joke) on a piece of toast accompanied by a cold, dry glass of Sauv Blanc (Marlborough of course) and scrolling through blogs and Pinterest for bright, happy inspiration.

Goldfish Kiss – Always brings the sunshine!


Blonde highlights + tan bod + bikini = happy place

Glam mermaid scale looking jacket & the perfect white tee – oh my

Me & Griff


Octopus Awesomeness

So as M and I get a little further down the path of life without Griff, we are getting a little stronger. On the bright side, the tough stuff bonds you so much and brings you closer. And I know that, although we love each other and have a great relationship, I think this week we’ve taken it to the next level. We’ve both made such a conscious effort to be more patient with each other and really kind. And there is such a beauty in that. And I’m so appreciative that even in the really hard moments that come up in life, there is good in pretty much every situation. This year has had its fair share of challenges for us. But I look at how we’ve come together and how much we truly enjoy each other and I’m so very grateful! On the days when it’s gloomy, I’ll be manufacturing my own sunshine whenever possible. And thanks to M, my incredible family and fabulous friends, it’s not too terribly hard to do!

And speaking of incredible family…it’s my parents’ wedding anniversary today. These two beautiful, warm, funny, kind people are hopefully out to a delicious meal, drinking cocktails and celebrating their life together. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary!!!