Gonna Need A Side of Slice Pizza With That

by Kir

This weekend was good. Lots of running, not as much yoga as I should have and time spent with great friends. All in all no complaints! After a month of A-typical insomnia, knock on wood, I’m back to my solid “a train could barge through the middle of the room and I wouldn’t feel a thing” sleeping pattern. And  after exactly a week, I’m getting a little (if not completely) used to not hugging Griffin a million times a day.

Rain Run

Rain Run w/Renee (left), a little neon visibility

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 6.37.43 PM

Me & Beth- post run breakfast (not running together mind you)

I’ve been contemplating signing up for a few half marathons in 2013 to keep me motivated throughout the year. But for whatever reason, I kept procrastinating. I just didn’t feel all that interested. Plus, I used to have to sign up for races to keep me motivated to run at all and bribe myself with pizza and beer! But now, I consistently knock out 4-5 runs a week on average. This may not sound all that impressive to a lot of my lunatic running friends – Kristin, Rachel, Beth, Kerri, SR, but to me – I’ll take it and say thank you. There was a time when my friend Meredith and I used to have to stop and gasp for breath running around the track at the Y!!!

My old idea of working out

What I used to think about working out…

I watched the Carlsbad half come and go (sold out) and more recently watched, San Deguito’s race fee creep up another $5 b/c I missed a deadline (it’s my own fault). Now randomness of randomness, my first race of 2013 chose me. Look out Arizona Half, here I come!

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 7.15.50 PM

We’ll see how this goes

Back it up to Saturday night…M and I went to dinner with Jim, M’s dad. We got to talking about when Jim ran the Boston Marathon and took M with him on a father/son trip (M was 16). Jim qualified for Boston in Arizona. And then we decided it would be about the coolest thing ever to do the father/son trip again with M running the race this time around. Enter in Google for “2013 qualifying races for Boston” and lo & behold, Arizona is in Feb – just the amount of time M needs to ramp up his miles to see if he can qualify. And wouldn’t you know it, there is half. Voila, M & I will be Arizona bound to run our respective races.

The timing is pretty perfect b/c we’re heading to Sayulita for a week over New Years (that is if the world doesn’t end on Dec 21) and, in case I didn’t have enough reasons not to over-indulge and under-exercise through the holidays, I now have a race to train for.

Will Run To Fit In Bikinis...

Will Run To Fit In Bikinis…

And if that wasn’t enough, my lovely, leggy friend Rachel (mentioned above) threw some elbows at the Mikoh Honolulu sample sale and scored me a yummy suit to add to my collection in the same size she wears (um, she’s a 2″ taller and at least 2″ leaner all around) which means I will be doing hill repeats asap to do that thing justice!!!♥