Doodling in Math Class

by Kir

Doodling makes me smarter. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! ♥§≈♦

For about 2 weeks, my sketchbook went missing. I like to think it went off on an exotic adventure somewhere. I looked for it everywhere, then decided to let it be for a bit thinking & hoping it would turn up at some point. Ever since I can remember, I love to draw and doodle. When I was little, I drew on everything, scraps of paper, cardboard from my Dad’s dry-cleaned shirts – if there was white space, I covered it. No margin in my school notebooks was left untouched and even to this day, I do my best thinking in meetings when I can doodled and sketch.



Just call me Simon…remember this one?

My Name is Simon & I Like to do Drawings

My Name is Simon & I Like to do Drawings

Yesterday I wrote about discipline in running and yoga. For me, I think some of the same thoughts apply to drawing and writing. That’s why I love having a blog. If I write every day or two, I get on a roll and am motivated to keep going. When I let it go a bit, I lose motivation and sometimes forget about it or my ideas will dry up.

As for drawing, not having my sketchbook made me realize how much I actually draw (daily) and how much I enjoy it – even when my sketches don’t turn out that great! My favorite medium is charcoal. I love that you can shade, blur and smudge to create an effect.  It is a forgiving medium so you can turn a mistake into something completely different. I like the freedom in this. I’ll draw anything (notice the Pringles guy on the top right of the page above).

When I started up my blog again, I started drawing and sketching again. It’s like my brain needs both to work out thoughts and ideas in my head. When my sketchbook turned up, under a magazine in my office (Travel & Leisure – I knew it!!!), I was so happy. I decided to take some snapshots of things in case it ever decided to wander off again!

The sketches above are both ideas for blog posts. The Megging pic was inspired by two of my guy friends, Brad & James, who have the ability to pull off skinny jeans. They make up part of the 2% of all men on the planet who should wear this style. In order to get my thoughts to paper, I had to see it first. Same for the picture on the right. One of my first ever blog posts, In My Next Life I’m Going To Be A Roxy Girl, I drew a picture of a Roxy girl in Winter. And that inspired the post.

Since I never went to art school or took any formal classes, I find drawings or art that I like and then try to copy the technique. One of my favorites is Francesco Clemente. I’m not that cultured so I must confess I came across his work in the movie Great Expectations (the Ethan & Gwyneth version). It was so beautiful and I had to try to replicate it.

Regrets are useless and I try not to put any energy into them. However if I knew then what I know now, I’d like to think I would have taken a risk and gone the art and design route. Back in high school I cared too much what my teachers thought about my aptitude. Since I wasn’t a shining star in my art class freshman year, I just assumed it wasn’t the path for me. It’s never too late so who knows. But for now, drawing and writing are two things I genuinely get pleasure from. So, like it or not, my stick figures, art copies and sketches will have a place on this blog 🙂