Ouch, I Fell Off The Exercise Wagon

by Kir

Woohoo! It’s the weekend, yippee. Pausing to look back on this week, it was good overall, but my discipline for daily workouts to get my body bikini ready for Sayulita was not one of them.

I’m still on track for 25 squats a day, but the rest sort of went out with the rain. I can’t really explain how it happened. But I can line up some decent excuses – it was raining, my work run buddy cancelled our treadmill lunchtime workout at the last minute, I had two Christmas parties…blah, blah, blah! It was fun putting on a sequin skirt, eye makeup and heels for once.

Me & My Christmas Party Date

Me & My Christmas Party Date

One thing’s for certain, I can vow to stop munching on Ginger bread cookies throughout the day and get my butt moving pronto! What form of self sabotage I’m inflicting with this lapse, I am not sure. Confession: I ate this whole bag pretty much unassisted in two days. Towards the end, I decided I needed to finish off the bag to get them out of the way. Does anyone else ever do this? Jees, not my finest hour…

Damn You Gingerbread Men!

Damn You Gingerbread Men!

But anyhoo, that was yesterday. No big deal, but now no more excuses! Today I vow to get back on track. Two long runs and a yoga class are on deck for the weekend. And probably some extra long Navasanas (boat pose) for good measure!

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 11.34.41 AM

Navasana Variation (Boat Pose)

Good thing I signed up for that half marathon too. According to my training plan I’m right on schedule, which is lucky for me! (Probably b/c I’m still using a beginner level plan) After last week’s complaining about a crappy Sunday run, I’m going to have to beg my one run buddy to give me a second chance. So if you’re out on the coast this weekend you’ll see me slogging out some miles – possibly solo if the wooing attempt is unsuccessful.  I don’t know how marathoners do it!

Today is a new day. Let’s all commit to healthy choices, being kind to each other, shelving judgement of ourselves and others.

Have a great weekend xoxo