Slowly Emerging Back on the Grid

by Kir

It’s no question…vacation and I get along really, really, really well. After a week in Sayulita, my skin feels gooooood, my heart is full and I have a smile on my face. It was a wonderful way to kick off 2013. As I slowly emerge from my lovely vacation haze, three things became abundantly clear to me…

  • Life is too short not to do what you love every day. My mission in 2013 is clear: find what I love to do and do it as much as possible.♥
The Happiest Camper at the Tijuana Airport

The Happiest Camper at the Tijuana Airport

  • It is amazing to have your boyfriend, best friend and travel buddy be the same person! ♥
M Waiting on Fish Tacos = Happy Camper #2

M Waiting on More Fish Tacos = Happy Camper #2

  • There is always time to stop and watch the sunset ♥
Life is Good in Sayulita

Life is Good Watching Sayulita’s Sunsets

I’ll have more vacation recap and photos as I get more motivated. But for now it’s time to rest and daydream a bit. Feliz Ano!!!