Keeping the Vacation State of Mind

by Kir

You know that saying about keeping Christmas in your heart throughout the year? What if we could keep our vacation state of mind throughout the year long after the trip is finished? That would be pretty great.

Re-emerging back to the “real world” is admittedly easier when I get to come home to coastal north county San Diego living. But even still, the normal and not-so-normal stresses were sitting here waiting for me to come back from Sayulita. So it’s the daily question of how will I live my day today. What will I choose to focus on and celebrate. This is what I would do on vacation so why not back home?

Vacation me: Get up, have my coffee, read my book, look out at the ocean 9 or 10 times, talk to M, back to reading, ocean swim, beach walk, stare at flowers, beer, read, talk to M, talk to the local kids, watch sunset, eat dinner, bed.

Work week me: Get up, race to shower/get ready, drive to work, work, eek in a run or yoga, write (maybe), check social media 9 or 10 times, kiss M when home from work, eat dinner, watch tv, bed.

I realize being a professional vacation taker, although dreamy, is probably not a realistic option. Until I figure out a way to make that happen there are a few simple things I can mimic from my vacation me: take the coastal road home, read more, tv less, hand around kids more, stare at flowers. It’s a start and I’m going with it this week to keep hold of my lovely vacation self b/c I like her. She’s fun!♥

My Morning Walk to get Cafe Con Leche

My Morning Walk to get Cafe Con Leche

My Favorite Boys: Juan, Jose y Nacho

My Favorite Boys: Juan, Jose y Nacho – best bracelet sellers in town!

Hibiscus as Big as Your Head

Hibiscus as Big as Your Head