Benefits of a B-Cup (and Below)…

by Kir

To all us gals out there who are a small B on a big day, this post is for you!

The top 13 benefits of being relatively less endowed…written in collaboration with Beth, Colleen and Brand Betty!

  • We get to wear frilly bralettes like these…
Indulgy Bralettes

Indulgy Bralettes, 2 for $24!

  • You can run a long way without bounce breaking pain or strapping yourself in “mummy style”
  • Need to stash a lip gloss and some cards on the go? No problemo (demo’d perfectly below by Beth)
Beth's Cami Cards

Beth’s Cami & Cards

Function Meets Fashion

Fashion Meets Function

  • Stay serene and focused in upward facing dog without fear of gratuitous display of cleavage just isn’t an issue
Barely a B? This little number will do trick for yoga or a shorter run...

Baby B or Smaller? This hot little number will do trick for yoga or a shorter run…

  • No risk looking too slutty in evening wear
  • Gravity doesn’t factor in quite as much as the years go by
  • Lucky us!!! We can get away with itty bitty teeny weeny bikini tops from Vix, Ola Ferez and LeTarte!
Ooooh LeTarte

Ooooh LeTarte

Oooooh Ola Feroz!

Oooooh Ola Feroz!

  • Score on end of season swim sales with XS tops!!!
  • Our layering necklaces don’t get stuck in pesky cleavage
Photo Courtesy of Bahgsu Jewels

Lovely Layering with Bahgsu Jewels

  • Want to rock a deep V? Go as deep as you like without fear of causing a commotion
  • Strapless??? Bring it!!!
  • When people ask “how are the girls?”, you can safely assume they’re talking about daughters or friends

See…there are lots of great things about being a B or below. Alright, maybe we won’t grace the cover of Victoria’s Secret (at least not without a lot of push up) or have teenage boys ogling our fabulous cleavage, but at the end of the day, we’ll rock what we got and make the best of it!

Did I miss anything? Is there another awesome advantage I overlooked?

And if you have gorgeous Cs and above, congrats girls!!! No post needed. For you I have these 2 words…free drinks!