Yet Another Reason To Be A Roxy Girl…

by Kir

Today we have one more awesome reason to love Roxy! (my prior reasons are gushed about here) Roxy Outdoor Fitness launched today and my Visa card wants to break free of my wallet and go on a spree! So much goodness I don’t know where to begin…If the product doesn’t inspire you get out to the great outdoors, then the video will.

Here are my favorites so far, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, the crest of the wave, the first light of dawn…you get the picture!

High Seas L/S Spring Suit

High Seas  L/S Spring Suit

Beach Fever Bikini - Perfect for some SUP!

Beach Fever Bikini – Perfect for some SUP!

Atmosphere Jacket - Love this Blue...

Atmosphere Jacket – Love this Blue…

I  Roxy

Roxy Forever!!!

Thank you Roxy for making is to very fun to be an athletic, water-crazy girl!!!