Falling Off the Yoga Wagon

by Kir

Oh horror of horrors, we are 23 days into the New Year and I have yet to strike a yoga pose or sit in peaceful meditation (unless you count deep breathing stuck in traffic on the commute home – no? didn’t think so)

I have a litany of amazing excuses (had that nasty flu, been doing longer runs and legs are toast, M’s package expired and I feel bad going without him, happy hour, etc), but I know I’m only hurting myself!

I Heart Yoga

I Heart Yoga

So rather than tell myself how I should get my butt back to yoga, I compiled a list of the top things I love about yoga. And yes, I have created a similar list before the last time I fell off the yoga wagon – consider this the revised 2013 version…

Yoga Love - Top 11 Things...

Yoga Love – My Top 11 Things…

I don’t know about you, but anytime I tell myself I “should” or “need to” do something, my inner child snaps, “Oh yea? You’re not the boss of me”. Creating a positive compilation of pleasant things that will occur if I do something, is much more productive and likely to result in positive action! One of my favorite classes taught by a very sweet soul is happening tonight at Core Power, literally less than 2 blocks from my house…

So time to set a positive intention and reflect on being my best self or how my back will look in my new Vix Malawi sundress…No judging, I do what I must to get my bootie in the door!!! ♥

Vix Malawi - Backless Beauty!

Vix Malawi – Backless Beauty!